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Malindi - Kenya

Lions' Luxury Eco Resort & Spa


Welcome at Our Eco Resort, an elegant and worldly setting that blends the highest standards of service with the tranquil essence of the East African coast. Andrea, the owner, is an architect, specialized in bio-architecture, interior design as well as renewable energies. Taking over the Lions', he transferred his passion and experience for art and architecture by distorting the old structure and creating the new "Lions' Luxury Eco Resort & Spa". A real gem on the Kenyan coast, where nothing is left to chance and where, with the exclusive use of local natural materials, he has been able to give shape to objects and furnishings, creating true design works. All of this, without forgetting ecology and renewable sources. In fact, the resort is self-sufficient both in terms of energy and water. It should also be added that all the free toiletries offered in the rooms as well as those used for treatments in the Spa are of natural and Kenyan origin.

And it is here now that Andrea and his partner Imelda are ready to welcome you, surrounded by a lush tropical garden and lots of peace, comfort and lots and lots of privacy.

It is the ideal place to spend a honeymoon, for business trips or for groups of friends who want a hotel of their own; the Spa with massages and treatments, as well as the double Jacuzzi tub, make the experience at the Lions' unique and unforgettable. A must are the Grill/Barbeque area and a wood-burning oven where excellent pizzas are prepared, a poolside bar and a restaurant where dishes inspired by Italian and local Swahili culinary art; these two cultures sometimes merge giving life to interesting and succulent dinners                         (about us)

What our customers say


“Top place! Gracefully and tastefully decorated, friendly and hospitable owner and staff, heartily meals, cute Spa area and good location away from bustling Malindi yet not far from ocean. My regular spot in Malindi, highly recommended 👌”        



“Innovative, picturesque, friendly, a magical fairy land I could go on and on!!!. Eye catching food presentation and mouth watering taste. The adorable hosts tops this uniquely designed paradise with his charm. Did I mention he is environmentally conscious?”


" Lion’s Resort is a hidden gem in Malindi. For those who value tranquility, peace and quiet unwinding, this is the place for you. The place is an architectural masterpiece, the pictures don’t do it justice. It’s absolutely beautiful "





" This is a hidden Gem in Malindi, that will very soon take off in a storm!
The owners, management and staff run a beautiful show here. The ambience, setting and the gardens are tastefully and professionally done." 





Our Room

Finely furnished

All rooms are spacious, equipped with bathroom and with a private outdoor area with table and sofa. The furniture recalls the typical "Swahili coast style". In the room, equipped with air conditioning and a fan, there are two large wardrobes, two large windows facing each other for a pleasant breeze, new 25 cm mattresses, a suitcase stand, a mosquito net, a safe, a bottle of water per day per person and natural products for the body. On request the hair dryer and room service


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Our Eco Vision

Our philosophy of "being green" does not stop at two solar panels or eliminating plastic straws... For consistency and respect for the surrounding environment, all our procedures refer to sustainability", or "Condition of a development model capable of ensuring satisfaction of the needs of the present generation, without compromising the possibility of future generations to achieve their own", as it was defined by the UN in 1992.
It is essential to ensure the stability of an ecosystem, i.e. the ability to maintain the ecological processes that take place within it and in its biodiversity in the future.
Sustainability is building a global balance between man and the ecosystem, giving life to a form of development that safeguards the environment and guarantees current and future needs.
Being green represents an awareness of living in a planet where most of the resources are finished and where everyone in their own small way must work to give present and future generations a more habitable and fairer planet. Conscious consumption means putting ethics and taste, common sense and style on the same level.
Eco-friendly has a value in its entirety, food included. A priority that better protects physical well-being and the environment around us. Organic products preserve our waters from the presence of pesticides, help the short supply chain and defend the specificity of the crops.
Also in urban planning, the culture of recycling is circular and involves the use of a specific material for the same purpose and/or for other similar purposes or the re-adaptation and re-use in other areas, sometimes even very different ones.
Reusing and recycling means first of all looking to the future, making the objects of the present live or relive longer.
Mission impossible? Not for us at Lions' Luxury Eco Resort & Spa and not for those who decide to be aware of their usual behavior.

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